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Disappointing Products #1


Normally I LOVE pretty much any beauty related product, but occasionally I come across things don’t really work, or that I just don’t get along well with, so I thought I would share a few of the products that have recently let me down, to save you guys being disappointed by them too!

photo 1 (17)

Disappointing Products

So first up I’m going to talk about a couple of eye related products; these are the Max Factor Smokey Eye Effect Eye Shadowwhich I have in the shade ‘Bronze Haze’ and the Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara.

photo 1 (18)

L-R: Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara and Max Factor Shadow Stick

Now I know putting the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara on this list is slightly controversial, as it is such a cult product, but I just didn’t get on well with it, and I’ve heard similar reviews from my friends. I found that it took ages to dry, and I would often end up with it on top of my lids when using it. I also just think that, considering the price tag, there are far cheaper mascaras out there, which do a similar, if not even superior, job, such as the Max Factor False Lash Effect and Maybeline FalsiesI understand that a lot of people love this product, but it just wasn’t for me!

Moving on, I found the Max Factor Shadow Stick  disappointing as it just doesn’t stay on the lid! It does glide on smoothly, and blends well, but it literally lasts no time at all; this is a real shame, because I think the colours are both beautiful, and it looks lovely when you first put it on, but it’s just not worth using as the lasting power is so poor.

I have swatched the two shades below, and I’m sure you can tell even from the swatches, that whilst they are pretty shades, the colour payoff is quite poor and it’s just not what I would expect by Max Factor’s usual standards!

photo 2 (18)

Next up; lip products. I’ve brought two lipsticks recently that I have found to be disappointing. One is a Mac Lipstickin the shade ‘Angel’, and the other is a Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butterin the shade ‘Raspberry Pie’.

photo 3 (16)

L-R: Mac ‘Angel’ Lipstick and Revlon ‘Raspberry Pie’ Lip Butter

photo 4 (12)

Swatch of (top to bottom) Mac’s ‘Angel’ Lipstick and Revlon ‘Raspberry Pie’ Lip Butter

I found these two products disappointing for a similar reason, and that was the colour payoff. Normally, I love Mac’s lipsticks, but whilst ‘Angel’ looked to be a pretty pink shade, once on the lips I found it had an odd bluey undertone, which made me look super washed out.

Similarly, I am usually a big fan of the Revlon Lip Butters, which combine a lipstick and balm, to give a slightly sheer, smooth lipstick effect, but ‘Raspberry Pie’ again had a strange bluey/purple undertone once applied, although it looks a lovely vibrant pink in the tube. I’m not sure if these colour variations are just down to my own natural lip colour, but with so many great shades to choose from in the rest of the range for both of these products, I know I will be steering clear of these two shades in the future!

Finally, I’m going to look at a couple of skincare and base products that have let me down.

photo 2 (17)

L-R: Simple Face Mask and Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

First up is the Simple ‘Kind To Skin’ Deep Cleansing Face MaskI’ve mentioned before that I love the rest of the simple skincare range, and this isn’t necessarily a BAD product, it’s just very average and I didn’t find that it really did anything for my skin. Although this does have the bonus of being very affordable, I do think there a lot of superior face masks that you can pick up for a similar price in the drugstore, such as the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Maskand these masks actually make a visible difference.

Finally, I used to love the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundationwhich I have in the shade ‘Ivory’, but recently I have really gone off it. I’m not sure why I used to like it, but I find it now to look too heavy on the skin, even though it doesn’t even give that full of a coverage, and it also doesn’t really last a day, so I’m gonna say it wouldn’t last 25 hours, or though who would wear make up for that long I just don’t know!

So that’s it for my current disappointing products – what products have let you down recently?

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2 thoughts on “Disappointing Products #1

  1. I’m on the hunt for new mascara, after my trusty one expired. Benefit is at the top of so many best-of lists from magazines, that I started to get suspicious—especially after seeing beauty blogs express disappointment over them. I think it’s best to trust Maybelline, haha.

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