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Product Wishlist #1


Now I don’t know about you, but I’m forever thinking of all the make up items I would get if money were no object, and so I thought I would share with you the 5 products that I’ve been really lusting after this month. Better start saving up all my pennies….!

1. The NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette



I’m a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette, and I just think that the shades in this one are so beautiful, and super versatile. However, at nearly £50 it may be a little while before I can justify buying this! Whilst we’re on the topic of palettes though, a couple of others I’ve been coveting for a while include The Marc Jacobs ‘Lolita’ Palette and the Viseart ‘Matte’ 12-Color Palette – looks like there could be a theme to my Christmas list this year…

2. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream



I don’t know what is in this, but it’s ‘magic’ and it’s by Charlotte Tilbury and that’s enough information for me. Whilst we’re at it, I really would be happy with anything from Charlotte’s line, it’s such a treasure trove of make up must haves.

3. Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder



This tiny little powder compact may be pricey (£35), but anything that claims to help you achieve ‘razor sharp cheekbones’ is worth having in my opinion!

4. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray



Like most people, I’m always looking for ways to add volume and texture to my hair, and this cult product supposedly provides exactly that! However, at £39 for a full size can, it’s definitely up there with some of the most expensive hair products, so I may have to wait a while until I can justify getting this!

5. Tom Ford Lip Color



I would be happy with literally any shade of this lipstick range, although the one pictured (‘Wild Ginger’) is one I have my eye on for summer, as it would be perfect for a bright, statement lip. The packaging of these lipsticks is just beautiful, but I do worry that if I owned one I would be too scared to ever use it, as I wouldn’t want to get it messy! However, at £36 each, this is another super pricey product – but definitely one worth saving up for, in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what products are you guys lusting after at the moment?


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4 thoughts on “Product Wishlist #1

  1. Oh man, I really want that Nars Pallette!

  2. I want them all!

  3. I have a small pocket notebook of wishlists and arguments against myself on whether I should buy them or not. Kevyn Aucoin powders (especially Celestial Light!) are right up there, and Tom Ford for their packaging. Sigh of sighs.

    I’ve been lusting after two NARS Matte Multiples, for contouring and for blush. And I’ve been hemming and hawing about buying a Stila eye palette OR the Smashbox palette OR Narsissist OR Laura Mercier eye palette, hahaha.

    • Oh the NARS Matte Multiples do sound amazing, and yeah there are so many great eye palettes out there – Too Faced do some beaut ones too! It’s so hard too choose sometimes haha

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